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ProPanel™ Ceiling Panels
ProPanel™ Ceiling Panels are high-quality, fabric-covered, acoustical, absorptive panels, which are designed to hang horizontally from a ceiling to help control and reduce sound reflections from the ceiling to floor and work-surface. Installation of an absorptive cloud can greatly improve the listening and mix position of your room while improving the stereo and surround field, allowing for a much more accurate monitoring environment.  Cloud Anchors are included with ProPanel™ Ceiling Panels and installation is composed of one or more ProPanel™ Ceiling Panels in a frame-less design. Suggested mounting hardware (not included) includes chain, wire, or “S” hooks, that can be easily found at a local hardware or home improvement store. Application is made easy by screwing each Cloud Anchor into the panel and attaching your preferred length of lead to the eye-hook of the Cloud Anchor.Consider the addition of our ProPanel™ Wall panels, ProPanel™ Corner Traps and ProPanel™ Pro-Kits™ to complete the look and acoustical performance of your room.Auralex Application Specialists are always available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the specification, selection, or implementation of any ProPanel™ product.
NRC 1.05
Dimensions 2' x 4', 2' x 4', 4' x 4'
Thicknesses 2"
Available Colors Obsidian, Sandstone, Brich, Goose, Onyx, Petoskey, Quarry, Slate, Wolf
FIRE RATING Class A Fire Rated: ASTM-E84
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